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Microcement floor Miami Florida
Microcement achieves its maximum expression when it is applied on floors. The search for continuous and open areas, added to the combination of constructive design and decorative value, gives microcement a distinguished place in the world of coverings. It is about achieving the maximum evolution of the cement floors that have been installed for so many years, and  we offer a step forward in technical and aesthetic qualities, ensuring that the floors combine beauty, resistance and durability.
If we need to enhance the decoration and all the elements that we like in our home or a specific room, there is no better covering than microcement to give prominence and value to these decorative elements. A nice living room table acquires much more value and a decorative look when it is on a continuous surface than on any type of floor with joins – check it yourself.
There are no longer excuses for not daring to enjoy a house or any indoor or outdoor area with microcement floors, even managing to develop the continuity of the same covering, starting on floors and climbing up the walls, stairs, units or any decorative element.
Currently there are few coverings that have as many advantages as microcement, especially in renovations and rehabilitations. Its ease of application, the unnecessary demolition of the existing support, and the spectacular change of image provide a number of values that will undoubtedly make an impression on everyone.

microcement floor
microcement floor
microcement floor
microcement floor

Advantages of microcement floor
There are many advantages to enjoy, both in new construction and renovation. Below, we tell you about some of them: First of all, and notably, its continuity always makes an impact on us. There are no joins between different pieces, just a single extension. This offers a very pleasant feeling of elegance and spaciousness in any area. It does not need expansion joints. It does not expand or contract with changes in the environment (humidity, temperature, etc.) as other materials can.  Its flexural strength properties provide the necessary elasticity to support and maintain itself correctly without deteriorating.  Microcement
Miami Florida has a high level of adhesion, which allows it to be used on many different surfaces, such as tiles, stoneware, marble, mortar or concrete. Perhaps the only exception would be application on parquet or floating flooring, because these are subject to continuous movement. In addition, in renovations, as you avoid taking out the previous floor and the debris that this entails, this provides us with ease and speed in application times. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, which allows you to carry out very attractive decorative projects. Likewise, it does not require heavy machinery or excessive logistics for its application. Its maintenance and care are very simple. A great advantage over other types of flooring is that the level of the surface does not rise excessively, only about 3mm at the maximum. Due to this, it is not necessary to carry out lifting tasks for other elements of the house, beyond planning a door if necessary.
Care and maintenance of microcement floors.
A very interesting feature of microcement is its easy maintenance. 
Are microcement floors recommended for kitchens and bathrooms?
Microcement floors are spectacularly ideal and recommended for covering kitchens and bathrooms. In bathrooms, they are even more elegant when they are also accompanied by microcement walls. Home renovations always start with bathrooms and the kitchen, and without a doubt it is a perfect opportunity to elegantly redecorate and change areas that are used so much and deteriorated by use and the passage of time. 

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