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Microcement on walls Miami Florida everything you need to know.
Walls are one of the areas where microcement is most often applied. We are already used to seeing this covering on floors, and this trend is spreading very quickly to other elements, such as stairs, countertops and, above all, walls, whether in interior areas, such as kitchens and especially bathrooms, or on facades and outdoor walls.
The popularity of microcement has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is not by chance. It is a covering with multiple advantages and functionalities, which offers an elegant, aesthetic finish without the need for large investments or renovations.
In fact, this is its main advantage: being able to completely change the look and style of a room with a single product, in a spectacular way.
Why choose a continuous wall covering? Microcement on walls offers great versatility to traditional coverings, such as paint, stucco, vinyl, etc. Its high aesthetic and technical value make it ideal for its application on walls.
In addition, its artisanal and handmade personality give it a unique and singular feeling.

microcement wall Miami Florida
microcement wall Miami Florida
microcement wall Miami Florida
microcement wall Miami Florida

Advantages of microcement on walls.
Microcement on walls is applied with a very low thickness, maximum 3mm, which makes it suitable for being applied on almost any type of previous support (tiles, plaster, cement, plasterboard, etc.). In addition, it does not require previous demolition, because its high level of adhesion allows it to be applied very easily on all types of surfaces, as long as they are well anchored. We highlight some of the best reasons for choosing microcement for walls No construction works! Apply microcement on walls.
As we have previously mentioned, microcement on walls does not require the prior demolition of the existing support, thus avoiding noise, debris, suspended dust, etc. Thanks to this, the process of applying microcement on walls is considerably shorter, even allowing application in a period of 2-3 days as long as the walls are made with a smooth surface and with perfect flatness (such as plasterboard walls or a perfectly cast screed plaster). Microcement Miami Florida on walls covers and decorates your area, providing a spectacular change, and without the need for masonry work.

microcement wall Miami Florida
microcement wall Miami Florida

Microcement walls  Miami Florida -  strength and durability
When we opt for microcement on walls, we are choosing a very prominent advantage over paint or other classic coverings; its hardness and resistance is much higher, and its ease and effectiveness in cleaning is clearly very high. The protection with which the work is completed helps to maintain its aesthetics in perfect condition for a long time.

Microcement for interior and exterior walls.
Another advantage offered by microcement on walls is its versatility. It is a product adapted for application on both interior and exterior walls of any home or area. It can be the solution for a facade where the aim is to have a different finish from what we are used to seeing, as well as for any area where it is intended to provide continuity between interior and exterior microcement walls.
Almost non-existent cleaning thanks to microcement for walls.
Another of the main advantages of microcement on walls is that it does not require exhaustive cleaning and maintenance. 

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