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Bathroom and shower design solutions

All you need to know about Microcement  bathroom shower Toronto GTA
Microcement is a perfect material for application on walls, floors, shower trays, sinks or units. It is a continuous covering that does not require maintenance, and is very easy to clean. It is a material that can be applied on practically any type of surface that does not have humidity or movement, whether porous or non-porous, achieving a join-free surface with a maximum thickness of 3mm. In addition, thanks to its high degree of adhesion, making it capable of being applied over existing coatings, it reduces the costs of demolition and debris removal.
It is the most versatile material on the market as it allows different shades of finish, whether matte, satin or gloss.Thanks to its application system and surface protection, it is a waterproof material highly recommended for application in areas in direct contact with water, such as bathtubs, showers and even sinks. It also has a non-slip finish guaranteeing a safe bathroom. 

Advantages of microcement bathrooms.
  As you know, it is easily applied and its cleaning is also very simple. A microcement bathroom will provide you with a different result at home, both in its application on walls and floors, or in sinks or shower trays. We will tell you some of its advantages so that you can make the right decision.

microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom

Easy and simple cleaningDon’t worry about cleaning, it’s very simple. Using a neutral soap (detergent) and a cloth, you can leave your bathroom in perfect condition. If the microcement is protected with our 100% waterproof varnish , you can also use more abrasive products such as bleach, caustic soda, etc., always diluting the product with water. Also, remember that it is a continuous coating that does not have joins, so the horrible dirt in those lines which is so difficult to clean disappears.Microcement Toronto GTA reflects natural light by itself, so if it is combined with light colours, we can achieve an effect of enhancing light in a small bathroom.As demolition of existing wall and floor coverings is not required, microcement can be quickly applied in bathrooms. Everything will depend, as always, on the previous surface to which it will be applied. If the surface is in perfect condition, the work can be carried out in an average of 5 working days, as long as it is a well-ventilated area, which allows the drying of the different layers applied.

microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom

Non-slip Microcement bathroom and shower Toronto GTA
Do you have doubts about applying microcement on the floor of your bathroom? We make it non-slip. Any of our systems can have a non-slip finish by incorporating small particles invisible to the human eye. Do not hesitate to apply microcement to your shower tray; you will not slip. In addition, you will be able to enjoy complete continuity, without any change in elevation on the flooring, which can lead to stubbing your toes.
Water resistant
Microcement has 100% waterproof protection thanks to the use of our polyurethane-based finish varnishes with high solid content. The technology used in this finish makes it possible to protect any area that is going to be in direct or indirect contact with water, countertops, sinks, shower walls, shower trays, etc.

Microcement colors
Microcement colors

Toronto GTA microcement bathroom
Etobicoke  microcement bathroom
North York microcement bathroom
East York microcement  bathroom
York microcement bathroom
Scarborough  microcement bathroom
Richmond Hill microcement bathroom
Markham microcement bathroom
Vaughan microcement bathroom
Newmarket microcement bathroom
Mississauga microcement bathroom
Brampton microcement bathroom
Pickering microcement bathroom
Aurora microcement bathroom

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