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Beautiful contemporary Microcement furniture Toronto GTA
Change your style, fill up on ideas.
Continuous coatings can be applied easily on any surface, making them a very decorative appeal in the line of modern architecture. Thanks to the many advantages it has it, transmits a very warm and fresh, aspect with plenty of options, with a solution that matches with any decoration.
Our works, of microcement furniture includes microcement countertops, dining tables, sinks for bathrooms, benches, bookcases, headboards
Being polyvalent and waterproof is a fantastic choice for creating design furniture for indoor or outdoor. Resulting in a very clean solution, without traumatic reforms and with surprising results. Its flexibility allows it to be resistant to changes in temperature and can also renew and restore outdated furniture to a more current and modern style making them much more fun and enjoyable.

microcement furniture
microcement furniture
microcement furniture
microcement furniture

Microcement Toronto GTA is an increasingly popular material for use in the construction of a wide range of things, but the idea of microcement furniture can leave a lot of people scratching their heads in confusion. It is not as strange as it sounds; making furniture with microcement is not much different from making it with other materials since the microcement is a finish, not a structural material.
Unlike regular cement, microcement has a certain amount of flexibility to it and is intended to be used as a coating, much like plaster. Rather than creating a form or mold and pouring your cement in, you would create your furniture from a more cost-effective material like wood or plywood and then coat the furniture in a layer of microcement to get a finish that looks like polished concrete but at considerably less cost, effort, and with a more manageable piece of furniture to show for it since the resulting item will be significantly lighter than if it had been made from concrete.

Some of the more popular examples of furniture made from microcement are tables and other pieces of furniture with large flat surfaces . Concrete is a popular material for fixed countertops—and, indeed, microcement is also used for this—but while concrete can be used to make a table, microcement allows for the construction of a table that will have the same look and feel without weighing.

microcement furniture
microcement furniture
microcement furniture
microcement furniture
Microcement colors
Microcement colors

Toronto GTA microcement furniture 
Etobicoke  microcement furniture 
North York microcement furniture 
East York microcement furniture 
York Faux microcement furniture 
Scarborough  microcement furniture 
Richmond Hill microcement furniture 
Markham microcement furniture 
Vaughan microcement furniture 
Newmarket microcement furniture 
Mississauga microcement furniture 
Brampton microcement furniture 
Pickering  microcement furniture 
Aurora microcement furniture

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