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Decorative concrete
Decorative concrete

Decorative Concrete Miami Florida

Decorative plaster for concrete: characteristics and advantages

Concrete-imitating plaster is a material with a rough texture, which has a large number of effects and possibilities for interior decoration.
The main feature is resistance to external factors. Thanks to this, plaster is used for both exterior and interior decoration. The material is also characterized by the ability to hide small roughness and irregularities, cracks.
Concrete-effect decorative plaster has the following advantages:
Original appearance: the texture of concrete is harmonious and simple, allows you to create laconic spaces, is combined with various interior styles and materials;
Versatility: the finish has many options and effects, thanks to which it can be applied in different areas of a house or apartment
Seamlessness: the coating is devoid of seams that spoil the external, monolithic appearance of the interior and walls in particular;
Noise insulation: the material "dampens" any kind of noise due to its density, which makes it possible to use it in new buildings and private houses with thin walls;
Water resistance: resistance to moisture allows the coating to be used in kitchen areas, bathrooms and toilets;
Thermal conductivity: plaster has a low level of heat conductivity, which subsequently reduces the cost of heating the room.
Among the equally important advantages of decorative plaster in the loft style, it is worth noting its harmlessness to health. The composition does not contain toxic elements, which means that it can be used in any living space - be it a kitchen, living room, bedroom or children's room.
In comparison with other types of coating, decorative design for the texture of concrete has a low cost, which means it can be used at any budget level.

Decorative concrete
Decorative concrete
Decorative concrete
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