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Faux brick Installation Services Toronto GTA  is an excellent building material to give your home an exposed brick look without exposed brick prices. In this article, we explain the appeal of faux brick over real brick 

What is Faux Brick?
As the name implies, faux brick is a fake brick material meant to mimic the appearance and appeal of real brick but not the structural integrity. In other words, it’s an aesthetic addition rather than a building material.

Faux brick is manufactured in a variety of ways with a variety of different materials. Made out of plaster to make it look like real brick.
Why Faux Brick?
The primary reason to turn to faux brick is price and ease of use. Faux brick is much more affordable because it uses materials that are light and easy to handle. Since it is meant to be decorative, it doesn’t need to use heavyweight materials.

Faux brick is also shaped and contoured to be used as a decorative accent, not as a foundational tool. For example, it is much thinner than real brick as it is only meant as an exterior layer.

Faux brick Installation Services 
Faux brick Installation Services 
Faux brick Installation Services 
Faux brick Installation Services 

Markham Wallpaper Faux brick 
Vaughan Wallpaper Faux brick 
Newmarket Wallpaper Faux brick 
Mississauga Wallpaper Faux brick 
Brampton Wallpaper Faux brick 
Pickering  Wallpaper Faux brick 
Aurora  Wallpaper Faux brick 
Toronto GTA Wallpaper Faux brick 
Etobicoke  Wallpaper Faux brick 
North York Wallpaper Faux brick 
East York Wallpaper Faux brick 
York Wallpaper Faux brick 
Scarborough  Wallpaper Faux brick 
Richmond Hill Wallpaper Faux brick 

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