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At Ecosurface we create and install original ecological surfaces for your interiors. Using ecological materials such as microcement , decorative plaster   concrete plaster  artificial bricks  wallpaper  high quality paints in Toronto GTA
Our surfaces are made on site by our highly experienced craftsmen. We use handmade techniques and each work is designed to be unique. All finishes can be tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen are passionate about creating interesting textures and surfaces inspired by the world around them. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a variety of surface solutions that combine traditional form with the latest ideas.
We have years of experience. For many years we have been producing original surfaces and inspiring interiors for a range of commercial and residential projects Toronto GTA

Microcement  walls
Microcement  walls

Microcement on walls  everything you need to know Toronto GTA
Without a single seam and joint - a perfectly flat surface that gives a uniform, clean and ultra-modern look that visually enlarges the space. Microcement can organically fit into any design project. It has a variety of colors and a variety of application techniques. Microcement can be matte and glossy, smooth, warm and very pleasant to the touch. Visually, it looks great. Microcement is perfectly combined with other materials in the interior, such as wood, metal, copper, steel and ceramics.In addition, its artisanal and handmade personality give it a unique and singular feeling.

microcement floor
microcement floor
Microcement floor Toronto GTA
Microcement achieves its maximum expression when it is applied on floors. The search for continuous and open areas, added to the combination of constructive design and decorative value, gives microcement a distinguished place in the world of coverings. It is about achieving the maximum evolution of the cement floors that have been installed for so many years, and  we offer a step forward in technical and aesthetic qualities, ensuring that the floors combine beauty, resistance and durability.
microcement bathroom
microcement bathroom

All you need to know about      Microcement  bathroom Toronto GTA

Microcement is a perfect material for application on walls, floors, shower trays, sinks or units. It is a continuous covering that does not require maintenance, and is very easy to clean. It is a material that can be applied on practically any type of surface that does not have humidity or movement, whether porous or non-porous, achieving a join-free surface with a maximum thickness of 3mm. In addition, thanks to its high degree of adhesion, making it capable of being applied over existing coatings, it reduces the costs of demolition and debris removal.

microcement furniture
mikrocement furniture

Beautiful contemporary Microcement furniture Toronto GTA
Change your style, fill up on ideas.
Continuous coatings microcement can be applied easily on any surface, making them a very decorative appeal in the line of modern architecture. Thanks to the many advantages it has it, transmits a very warm and fresh, aspect with plenty of options, with a solution that matches with any decoration.

Faux Bricks Installation Services
Faux Bricks Installation Services
The  Faux Bricks Installation Services Toronto GTA are the perfect way to transform your home into a living space you’ll love. Made out of plaster, the faux bricks are ecological
Available in different colors to suit your taste so you can customize your walls to your liking. Use them on the hearth of your fireplace, as an accent wall in your bedroom or kitchen, and more. 
If you're looking to revamp your home and want to avoid an expensive renovation fee, look no further than these Faux Bricks that will elevate your home without the hassle or expense 
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Скриншот 28-10-2022 04_03_58_edited.jpg
Professional Wallpaper Installation Services Toronto GTA
Ecosurface wallpaper installation services help with much more than traditional wallpapers. With different textures, styles, and options to choose from, we can help you find the right one for your rooms. Most importantly, we’ll help you install them with precision, attention to detail, and exceeding your expectations.
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